NNEPQIN Organization Chart – 2023 – 2024

NNEPQIN Directors:

  • Medical Directors         Emily Baker, MD & Steve Ringer, MD, PhD
  • Operations Director     Victoria Flanagan, RN, MS
  • Executive Director        Julie Bosak, DrPH, CNM, MSN
  • Conference Manager    Karen G. Lee, AS, C-TAGME
  • Directors are ex-officio leaders of Steering Committee
  • Members-at-Large are elected to Steering Committee: MDs, RNs, Midwives
  • Steering Committee appoints Committee Chairs
  • NNEPQIN members are welcome to join committees & workgroups

Each hospital member has three voting members:

  • Chief of Obstetrics
  • Chief of Pediatrics
  • Obstetric Nursing Director

The great majority of our work is done via collaboration and consensus, so we do not often require a vote, but we maintain that function for certain considerations such as changes to governance and dues.

Operating Principles: NNEPQIN Operating Principles