Become a Member

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Joining a well-established perinatal quality collaborative with 40+ member organizations
  • Participating in regional QI projects with staff from other member institutions
  • Enjoying extensive educational CME & CNE opportunities, at free or discounted rates
  • Participating in the Confidential Review and Improvement Board (CRIB) via both case submission and expert review [for member health care providers only]
  • Developing and utilizing evidence-based clinical guidelines in multi-disciplinary teams, with implementation support from the NNEPQIN community

How to join

Membership is established with the signing of an Agreement and payment of annual dues.

Please contact Margaret Minnock at: or 603-653-6898

Annual Dues

  • $500 per participating hospital/health care provider organization
  • $2000 per corporate/non-health care provider organization